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Gudsen, Neil
Program Manager at Washtenaw Community College
April 15, 2015, Gudsen, managed Don Directly.

We’ve been so lucky to have Don Burnett advise us on our Computer and Information Technology Programs at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor. He’s done a wonderful job of zeroing in on critical new technologies and alerting us to important trends in IT. Don hosts several meetups at the College, and has been a huge factor in keeping the excitement and buzz about technology at a high level in Southeast Michigan. His recommendations for curriculum development have been very prescient, and I listen very closely to Don’s take on the latest in mobile app development, intelligent transportation systems, urban computing, and cloud computing. Kudos to Don for helping us map our strategy for an exciting new series in C# development and a great capstone course in Connected Car software projects!

Don’s got very keen insight when it comes to software development, too, and his solutions are designed to perform efficiently, scale well, and use the best development tools and platforms for the task at hand.

Gudsen, Neil
Program Manager at Washtenaw Community College
December 18, 2012, worked with Don in the same group.

Don has been an advisor to the Computer Science programs at Washtenaw Community College for the last three years or so. He is an expert in computer programming and UX. His advice on technology trends has been invaluable, and he has been tireless in his efforts to assist us in curriculum development. Don has also taught for WCC, and brings a great mix of technical skill, creative energy, and insight to the classroom.

Scott Barnes
Software Engineer at ZUUSE
September 28, 2009,
Scott worked with Donald in Different groups at Microsoft.

I’ve found Donald to be an exceptional competent Interactive Producer who’s shown consistent passion for the creative process associated with both Microsoft and Adobe products. His insight is valued amongst many in Microsoft; Donald has provided welcomed subject matter expertise in times when we’ve needed it the most here at Microsoft.

Jay Truba
Business Systems Analysts at Infosys
June 26, 2007, Donald H. worked with Jay in the same group.

Don has a great passion for technology and it’s application to business needs.
Summary: Technology Evangelist – Supreme!

Arthur Breur
President/Founder, FireSpike LLC Web Development (formerly Breur Media Corporation).
December 14, 2006, Arthur was a client of Donald’s
I worked with Don on the Birmingham Waterworks website, on which I was contracted to provide web design, Flash, HTML, and CSS development. Don’s ability to quickly grasp new technology impresses me to this day; on that project, which required the use of new programs and concepts, he very adeptly navigated the new waters.

Now, if I am curious about what is “out there” on the horizon, or what is about to affect the technology world, Don is the first person I think of.

Pete Brown
Chief Automotive Architect
April 17, 2006, Pete worked with Donald H. but at different companies

Don has the unique ability to grasp the direction of the industry and learn the latest cutting-edge technologies before they are adopted by the masses, always understanding the implications and opportunities they bring. I’ve always been very impressed with his depth of knowledge, with which he is always willing to share. A true professional that will always find a solution to a problem.

John Stratton
RN at St. Petersburg General Hospital
March 2, 2006, John worked with Donald H. but at different companies

Don is wonderful with computers if you ever have a problem he is the one to fix it.

Eli Orr
Web & Mobile apps savvy developer
March 2, 2006, Donald H. worked with Eli in the same group at HarmonyCOM.com

Donald did a great job for HarmonyCom making the company Web very professional powering the HarmonyCom branding to be in a top quality.
Also Donald was very cooperative and it was fun doing brainstorming with him on messaging enhancements and other design issues.

Paula Frederick
Art Director at Nelsons
December 4, 2008, Donald H. worked with Paula in the same group at Media Station, Inc.

Don reaches across departments and specialties to gather the best resources for the project at hand. At Media Station he often acted as an intermediary between the engineers and artists. Although he lives and breathes technology he is also very creative. At a company where it wasn’t uncommon to work seven fast-paced days a week, Don always took the time to smile and ask how he could be of help (even if it was past 10 p.m.). He is someone who can take the results of an entire team effort and help make it work, in the real world.

Ron Letterman
Senior Interactive Developer at MRM//McCann
August 10, 2007, Ron worked with Donald H. in different groups at Media Station, Inc.

Don was well-versed in all the latest technology trends and best practices and always willing to go the extra few miles to make sure everything happened to meet those all-important deadlines. Don would be a boon to any team that chooses to welcome him aboard.

Donald Buckeye
Independent Publishing Professional
March 1, 2006, Donald managed Donald H. directly at Eastern Michigan University

Don was a sales and support manager at the Ye Olde Computer Shoppe that I owned in Ypsilanti, Mi. He was an excellent worker and very knowledgeable. He help assist Commodore in testing of their operating systems from version of AmigaOS. I even hired him to help me when I purchased an IBM computer to do video editing. Dr. Donald A. Buckeye